Find out now why numerous well-known companies already rely on the RAMPEX-PRO dock buffer

What our CUSTOMERS say

Whether a freight forwarder or a company with loading ramps, whether 200 or just  2 loading ramps – the RAMPEX-PRO dock buffer is always the best solution. 

# freight forwarder EberL

The international freight forwarder Eberl from Nußdorf near Traunstein is a big player in the logistics industry with 320 daily shipments. The loading frequency at their loading ramps is correspondingly high. In the past, this led to rapid wear and tear and regular damage to the ramp buffers used.

The freight forwarder was therefore looking for a much more robust, durable alternative – and found it in the RAMPEX-PRO dock buffers. The result is not only an increase in the stability and service life of the ramp buffers, but above all a significant cost saving.

“The RAMPEX-PRO dock buffer is very stable overall and very usable.” says Ralph Svehla from Spedition Eberl.

# Plock GMBH

Plock GmbH is a family-run company. It is one of the largest independent hygiene wholesalers in Germany. The company sells over 1,000 different articles directly from their own warehouses, which cover approximately 22,000 square meters. The loading ramps are correspondingly busy. This in turn requires extremely robust dock buffers that can cope with these high demands.

However, the dock buffers previously used had significant deficiencies in this respect. The company therefore decided to conduct a comprehensive market search for a truly suitable dock buffer. RAMPEX-PRO was chosen. The result is not only an increase in the stability and service life of the dock buffers, but above all a significant cost saving.

“In the past, [damage to conventional dock buffers] caused damage to the gates, and logistical processes were disrupted. For this reason, we decided to use this buffer. And our experience shows: It was the right decision.

The current dock buffers (RAMPEX-PRO) have the advantage that in the event of an impact from the truck, the buffer cushions it, thus protecting both our gate and our statics from the house to the truck. Since it is a honeycomb-like construction, this impact is cushioned and gently returned.” says Norbert Fege of Plock GmbH.

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