RAMPEX-PRO is a dock dumper that handles more thanks to its patented lamella construction

The Dock Bumper

The dock bumper RAMPEX-PRO is very suitable for loading ramps with high loading frequency due to its unique design.

Patented Lamella Design
Due to the patented lamella design, trucks are slowed down softer to the loading ramps. This not only protects the bumpers on the trucks, but also the building structure.

Movement range of up to ± 50 mm
When loading the goods, the trailer moves up and down. The SGF dock bumper follows this movement up to ± 50 mm vertically and avoids damage to the bumpers. For even greater movements, the trailer slides along the steel plate.

Longer service life than conventional rubber bumpers
The patented lamella design between steel plates allows a significantly longer service life compared to conventional rubber bumpers.

RAMPEX-PRO Rampenpuffer

# 3 good Reasons

The RAMPEX-PRO dock bumper convinces not only with its unique design, but also with its durability. It is an investment that quickly pays for itself. This is exactly why numerous companies already rely on this solution. Perhaps you, too – soon?

Soft as rubber, robust as steel

Thanks to its unique design and patented lamella construction, the RAMPEX-PRO dock bumper is ideal for loading ramps with high loading frequency. 

First-class quality - Made in Germany

We use only the best materials for the RAMPEX-PRO dock bumper. Let’s take the front plate as an example. It is made of high-quality S700 steel and a rubber that has proven itself for many years in the automotive industry, even under heavy loads. 

Produced according to ISO 9001

You can rely on the quality of our dock bumpers. This is ensured not only by the consistently high-quality components, but also by our particularly high quality standards during production. This is exactly why we are also certified according to ISO 9001.

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